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In light we begin…

Hello and welcome to the I will be sharing my enlightenment journey and posting new finds regarding spiritual healing, the changing universe and the source, the sun. If you seek the spiritual answers, you will see that each article, news, or evidence found is a piece of a puzzle. A step closer to understanding ourselves and the world changes that are we share. Sharing spiritual jewelry that remind us to honor friendship, inspire others, share our essence, and heal with love!

We are beautiful spirits in a vessel that can sense everything. Guide with your mind, see with your eyes, speak with love, feel with your heart, do good, and understand who you are!

Nothing can dim the light which shines within.” ~ Maya Angelou

Love and Light,


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“Giving is Love”
Luv n Boutique wants to raise awareness and help make a difference. Hope has no boundaries. 5% of your purchase is donated to American Cancer Society, an organization that delivers health and hope around the world.